Uniqueness of the Kajang and The Andingingi Ritual

Have you heard of the kajang tribe, or have you visited Kajang? this time mimin will invite friends to recognize and traceuri from where and what is the uniquenessof this tribe.  The kajang tribe at first glance looks the same as the tribes that inhabit all corners of this country but there are some uniqueness and history of this tribe, well friends here is complete information about the Uniqueness  of the Kajang Tribe and the Andingingi Ritual.

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The Kajang tribe is located in Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi Province, about 150 kilometers from the south  of makassar city (the capital of South Sulawesi), more precisely located in Tana Toa Village, Kajang District. The Kajang tribe is divided into two regions, namely outer kajang and inner kajang. The majority of the population in the outer district has received education and accepted modernism (electricity, vehicles and other machine tools). Meanwhile, the population in Kajang dalam strongly limits itself to things that smell of technology (modernism).

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For the kajang people the principle of simplicity will be a life guide for them and their entire society. Dear friends, the Kajang Tribe is led directly by a traditional leader called Ammatoa.  One of the uniqueness of this tribe is to use black cloth and make it a clothing that is worn daily, for the people of the Kajang Tribe the black color is a sacred and neutral color, a color that shows simplicity, calm and natural.  Interestingly, the Kajang people have the same house size and the same shape. There is not a single house in the kajang area in different ways. Have a makeshift room and their kitchen is located in front. The tools and materials of his house were all obtained from nature and none of them were mixed from the building shop.

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The uniqueness of the Kajang tribe makes it exist to this day, the constancy of its community members invites many tourists and researchers both from within the country and abroad. The lifestyle of the Kajang tribe becomes even more interesting when they see that they maintain and care for nature and the environment. Protecting nature is the obligation of the inner tribal community, all members of the tribe have the assumption that, destroying nature is equivalent to hurting the mother by him the act of destroying nature is very fatally carried out.

We can see the embodiment of protecting nature by the Kajang tribal people from the existence of a special ritual, namely the Andingingi ritual or the ritual of cooling nature. The andingingi ritual is performed at the beginning and end of the year. The purpose of this ritual of cooling nature is to ask for protection from god almighty, so that their land and environment do not cause calamities both landslides and flash floods. More deeply the Kajang people believed that the Andingingi ritual was also a way to communicate for their ancestors.

The Andingingi ritual is performed in a protected forest area, under a hut that has been built and provided, the place is considered the center of the earth which is believed by the kajantribe community in the oldest land.

The Andingingi ritual or cooling nature has seven processions, namely:

  • Appalentenge Ere (moving waters to chastity)
  • Tuak Drinking Procession
  • Mabebbese’ (Sprinkling and Watering the soil with Holy water)
  • Mabbarra’ (sanctifying oneself with a powder herb)
  • Allabiang Dedde (Giving Blessings to offerings)
  • Pap pair (Prayer)
  • Assalama’ (Eating Together)

Well dear friends, above are seven andingingi ritual processions with such a deep meaning by the people of the Inner Kajang tribe. Therefore, the kajang tribe still exists in the midst of the onslaught of the times and technology. For those of you who are curious , please visit and see the uniqueness of the Kajang tribe and the Andingingi Ritual (cooling nature).